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https://www.healthsuperclub.com/keto-6tm/ - Posted By melbahennry (melbahennry) on 15th May 19 at 12:03pm
Keto 6tm Effective weight loss workouts are a popular topic in fitness circles, and this discussion is always represented by several opinions. We will try to collect the most objective and verified information that you can apply to yourself and your friends. What is a slimming workout? Any physical activity is considered as training for weight loss. It doesn't matter if you do cardio or exercise in a fitness center. Any training activity in the context of losing weight comes down to one single goal - to waste calories. Therefore, an effective exercise for weight loss must expend a huge amount of calories. This will create a calorie deficit and cause weight loss. Do not think about burning fat during exercise. This is an unimportant process. Fat has a high energy value. To burn 100g of fat you need to run a marathon for 3-4 hours, as they do in a triathlon. Why? 100g = 900 kcal. Running an average burns 5 kcal per minute, that is 300 kcal per hour. However, we must take into account the factor of fatigue, deceleration, and training experience. The more experienced an athlete, the fewer calories he spends, because his muscle and energy system are more efficient and adapted to the load. Also consider the fact that calories burned cannot be obtained only from fat. The body will consume fat at the last moment, leaving it on a “rainy day”, because this is its emergency supply, which in ancient times kept us alive in a hungry period without production. That is, even a 4-hour run does not guarantee the loss of 900 kcal and, accordingly, -100 g of fat. In reality, you spend fewer calories, and the lion's share of them will be carbohydrates (glycogen). Therefore, to approach the training process for losing weight should be wisely. It is impossible to act straightforwardly here, since the body has adapted itself to starvation by hundreds of years of evolution. A person saves fat very well and also protects himself against loss. How best to train for weight loss? Choose what you like exactly. If you are a fan of strength training, then feel free to build a weight loss program based on strength training. If you like to run, do cardio 3-4 times a week.